Standing Out in a Competitive Rental Market: Be Prepared!

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February 3, 2022

Today’s rental market can be challenging to navigate. While it may seem like a straightforward process of searching available listings and requesting a showing, what you do to prepare before you reach out is even more important than you think! Here’s some top tips from the professionals that can set you apart, and get ahead of the competition! 

1. Know Your Credit scoreIf your credit isn’t strong, work to repair and build it. If you know you will require a cosigner, come prepared with all of their info as well!

2. Get a landlord reference before you apply. Having the seal of approval from your current landlord tells your potential landlord what kind of tenant you are. 

3. Come prepared with a deposit to your showing.
Placing a deposit on the property you are interested in along with a completed application puts you in line. Without this, your application will be held up and others may beat you to it! 

4. Be transparent about your pets.Renting with pets can be a challenge. If you are thinking about adopting a new pet, reconsider until you find an apartment with a pet policy that allows them. Don’t waste your time and an agent’s if you know a property restricts pets and you are planning on moving in with yours.

5. Be responsive to questionsPainting a picture of who you (and your roommates) are sets you apart from others. Provide as much detail as possible and act quickly!

Remember that the rental process is similar to the interview process, each candidate is competing against a pool of other potential renters. The more you can do to be prepared and to stand out, the better. Having your documents in hand and ready to provide to the Agent is an easy way to ensure that your application makes it to the top of the pile! Making a folder that includes a copy of all applicants photo ID’s, Proof of Income, as well as landlord references, is an easy and smart way to not only save time, but to shine!