Cha CHING! $$

May 26, 2013 - 

So I live in Squantum, MA, which is the most Northern Part of Quincy, MA. Right next to Dorchester, and 5 Miles from Downtown Boston. I effing LOVE this place and have no idea how I managed to live here because the houses fly off the shelves in days. When I go out for jogs I take pictures of random houses that could potentially be something good for a client etc.

Six months ago I was just moving into my new house and was out strolling the neighborhood. I saw this total dump that looked like it was about to be torn down, so naturally, the dump loving woman I am, I took a photo:

parke ave before

Parke Ave. Before

So naturally time progressed and I watched them build a cute house. You know, the classic box house, square, garage, nice front walk way. Cute, nothing extravagant but cute. Being the house stalker that I am I continued to walk by, watch it be built and wonder who my new neighbors would be. I thought it was going to be this couple who I always saw at the property, walking through it etc. But then the house went up on the market For Sale.

FIVE DAYS later, the house is under agreement. What price was it listed at…???


Are you effing with me? REALLY?! 5 Days?! $800K?!! My trailer chic house suddenly looks way more fab.

Pictures from MLS on the new house they built:


Exterior at night


Day time


I LOVE coffered ceilings!




Neutral greys are super popular right now


Cute, but you can get that light fixture at Home Depot for $98.00. I want a nicer one if I'm paying $800K!!


Loving this grey tone

park sale



Double sink Master Bath