Coffered Ceilings to DIE for

May 20, 2013

I have recently become insanely obsessed with Coffered ceilings. They are an element that really brings an entire room together. They’re a perfect mix of design esthetic and cozy home feel. Coffered ceilings can come in a series of patterns and have been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans (who made theirs with stone).  Today you can have jaw dropping ceilings in a contemporary or country home; I mean these things work ANYWHERE.


Looking fabulous in the kitchen!


Sexy Orange...MEOW!




Sort of romantic/Gothic...I'm into


I just sold this super cute house in Quincy, MA. Loving the living room!


Beachy Fab!




Rarr, very sexy.


And I just stopped breathing.



I bought a dump!

May 20, 2013

For as long as I can remember I wanted to own my own house. I’m not into drugs, but I might as well be, because I look at real estate like a crack smoking , street walker…Can’t get enough…MORE, MORE, MORE, NOW! So when the day came that I closed on my first house, I was so excited I sweat through my brand new Calvin Klein dress bought specifically for the occasion, pounded 6 cups of coffee (not an exaggeration), go lost 3 times going to the registry of deeds I had been to multiple times before, and puked in my mouth a little. Needless to say it was one of the best days of my life. Seriously, AMAZING. I had worked so hard for that day and it was finally here. I signed the papers, grabbed the keys and ran to my new house.

Having worked in real estate for a while I knew the “buy the worst house in the best neighborhood” lecture pretty well , because I gave it to my clients on a weekly basis. Taking my own advice, I negotiated the price down on the cheapest house in my DREAM neighborhood to what was a ridiculously good deal so I was pretty confident in my decision even though I knew there were things I had to fix.

It’s funny how when you’re shopping around at houses you see all the good things, but the day it becomes yours you suddenly realize all the flaws (kind of like boyfriends, really perfect, until they’re yours, every day).  So when I walked up to the front of my new fab-pad, and the front door literally broke off, I thought it was probably just a lucky sign of how smart I was in purchasing this house.

It seemed odd when I walked into the front porch that everything looked more crooked than I remembered it at the walk through. Closet doors seemed off their hinges, shelves were slightly off, and what I thought were “beautiful hardwood floors” were floors that hadn’t been refinished since the year I was conceived.

I didn’t have time for “buyers remorse” and besides, this is what I do, so no regrets here.  But I had to evaluate how I hadn’t noticed cracks in the ceiling and separated beams just the morning before. Was I losing my mind? Perhaps… but seriously?  And then it occurred to me, the first earthquake in 100 years had just happened in Massachusetts two days prior! And suddenly it occurred to me that my 1903 salt box, bungalow had seen better days.

Let the project-ing begin! Stay tuned, but for now, enjoy (and by “enjoy” I mean “cringe at”) some “before” pictures:

Parke ave before

My nasty bathroom... oh dear.

blog 1 kitchen

Kitchen, kind of yuck, but i've seen worth.

blog 1 laundry

I hate laundry, this room isn't helping with that.

blog 1 floors

Pristine hardwood floors!

blog 1 front of house

Trailer Chic?

blog1 floors

Don't even get me started!

blog 1 closet

Right after the 100 year earth quake. My closet totally busted...AWESOME!





House of Birch!

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May 15, 2013

Welcome to HOUSE OF BIRCH! We’re glad to have you here. I started this blog as a way to discuss my sick obsession with Real Estate, Construction and Design. When I started working in real estate I was always looking for unique articles to feed my drug like addiction, but found most real estate blogs to be, well… terrible. So here at House of Birch we take a more glamorous approach to everything real estate related in hopes of avoiding the inevitable eyes glazing over while reading about the legal ramifications of security deposits and property lines. Thank you for visiting!welcome